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Meesha Shafi's Case Against Ali Zafar Is Dismissed!

Meesha Shafi's Case Against Ali Zafar Is Dismissed!

The singer, Meesha Shafi had filed a complaint of harassment against the actor, Ali Zafar, to the governor of Punjab, under the Protection against harassment of women at workplace act 2010. Meesha had complained that the actor allegedly harassed her in the studio where they were recording. In response, the ‘Kill Dil’ protagonist, Ali Zafar rejected the accusations and decided to respond legally in lieu of bringing the matter up in the mainstream media saying, “I categorically deny any and all claims of harassment lodged against me by Ms. Shafi.”


However, the appeal has been rejected on the 11th of July as the singer wasn’t a direct employee at the time when alleged harassment actually took place, therefore, the case does not fall under the aforementioned act.

Ali Zafar’s legal team says that the singer was never forced to work with Ali. The team further says that the allegations were dropped some time ago but due to the release of Ali Zafar’s movie, the news was kept in secrecy in order to make sure that it does not affect Ali’s flick.


Meanwhile, Meesha’s legal team says that the appeal has been dismissed on the technical basis which means that the case was not under the Protection against harassment of women at workplace act 2010.

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On the other hand, the dapper, Ali Zafar, on the instance of this rejection says that he has always told that he will honour and respect whatever decision the court will take. He further mentioned that he believes that the justice will prevail in the best possible way. The verdict confirms that both the parties have been informed about the case’s rejection.

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