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Mere Hamsafar | Fans rejoice Halza

Mere Hamsafar | Fans rejoice Halza

With the 20th episode of Mere Hamsafar airing and accumulating a whopping 18 Million YouTube views, people are appreciating Hala and how far she has come. Once unallowed to leave granny’s room even when nobody was at home, Hala is now being asked about her opinion, before taking any important decision.

Hamza and Hala, or according to Twitter, “Halza,” are in love and not only Pakistanis but massive audiences in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, amid other countries, are in love with the couple for all the right reasons.

Despite all the hatred, attempts https://www.sportingpost.co.za of character assassination, and lies at the hands of Shahjahan, Hamza understands Hala and he does not care about anyone else, or about anyone’s insecurities.

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Mere Hamsafar fans and drama aficionados took to Twitter to express their joy on the recent episode.



Many people are explaining their fan theories about the recent happenings in the drama.



Well, what was your favorite part about the 20th episode of Mere Hamsafar? Have your say in the comments’ section below.