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Fans rejoice at the arrival of newest/youngest cast member of Mere Hamsafar

Fans rejoice at the arrival of newest/youngest cast member of Mere Hamsafar

So, the second last episode of the super-hit drama serial, Mere Hamsafar premiered last night and it was “beautiful.” That’s not us calling it, but the people on social media. Mere Hamsafar, Farhaan Saeed, Hania Aamir, and Halza were trending on Twitter across Pakistan last night and why would they not?

Impeccable performances by both lead actors have made the entire storyline so magical, to say the least. With Hala finally forgiving Hamza, the episode had a potpourri of moments that will surely be remembered.

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From Hamza holding Hala, to holding the baby and reciting Adhan in the newborn’s ear, the episode also features Hamza standing up for his sister, Roomi on the arrival of her in-laws.

The writer and director subtly let the audience and the Mere Hamsafar members revisit the van driver scene to reveal the reality of Shahjahan, her thought process, and the amount of time she had invested in conspiring against Hala.

Hala is finally at Rifat Manzil, the house she had been brought to, as a kid, the house she was humiliated in, as an adolescent, and the house where she found love.

To commemorate the heartwarming episode, Hania Aamir took to Instagram to post a photo with Farhan Saeed with the baby emoji as its caption.

Now, let’s have a look at what people had to say about last night’s episode.




Which one is your favorite scene from the second last episode of Mere Hamsafar? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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