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Minal Khan's trip to Europe will make you pack your bags ASAP!

Minal Khan's trip to Europe will make you pack your bags ASAP!

So winters are here and many of you must be thinking of going on a vacation in your country or maybe abroad. Just like us, our celebrities also need some time away from work and the schedules they are bound to follow, to refresh themselves and feel at ease. The celebrity who is spending some me-time right now is none other than Naintara from Hasad aka Minal Khan.

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The diva is currently out to explore Europe and the photos she is posting will just make you want to go on a vacation as soon as you must. She posts the first photo, all revved up to go exploring.


The other photo she plans to post has been taken in Berlin, Germany. In spite of the darkness in the background, Minal illuminates the photo.


She is “having the best time” of her life and making loads of memories in Berlin. We all need someone in our life who looks at us the way Minal is looking at her food, probably.


Her next stop is Brussels and according to her, “Brussels is so much fun,” so much so that she is in love with the city.



She stands amid Brussels, with the acclaimed Ferris Wheel of the city in the background, oozing some serious travel goals.


Decides to post more photos from the same day, with a beautiful furry overcoat. 



Take notes people! The starlet wants you all to “take a walk on the Wildside” when visiting the Netherlands.


Donned in all black with a beauteous red bag in Amsterdam, she has her style game on point.


When suddenly clouds show up, making the frame more serene.


A low angle shot comprising Minal and an aesthetic windmill–a perfect combination of a great composition.


The weather in the Netherlands is colder than we thought. Have a look at this photo to fathom.


We wish Minal well for her remaining trip. Moreover, what country/ city are you planning to travel? Have your say in the comments’ section below.



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