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Minal Khan aka Isra of Ishq Hai talks about this scene with Babar Ali

Minal Khan aka Isra of Ishq Hai talks about this scene with Babar Ali

ARY Digital has rolled out a few spectacular dramas recently, one of which is an intense love story, called ‘Ishq Hai’. This drama is not only directed by absolutely skillful Aabis Raza, but it also has some astoundingly exceptional actors like Babar Ali, Danish Taimoor, Minal Khan, and others. Ishq Hai is getting appreciation on both television and social media alike, so much so that its first episode and OST are trending on YouTube even after two weeks of upload.

The dramas ARY Digital presents, usually challenge the status quo by portraying women in strong characters; Isra of Ishq Hai is one such character.

In ARY Digital’s newest visual delight, Ishq Hai, Shahzaib takes Isra to his house to introduce her to his family but they turn them down. Moreover, while dropping her at her brother’s wedding, both her brother and father disapprove of their relationship and warn Shahzaib of grave repercussions.

After the night filled with embarrassment at the hands of Shahzaib’s family members and her father’s insult in front of the relatives, she agrees to marry Haris to save her family’s dignity. In the recent episode, she goes to her father to ask for forgiveness and the emotions oozing out of this scene are heartwarming.

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Minal Khan, who plays Isra in Ishq Hai takes to Instagram to express gratitude to the team. She explains that this particular scene is one of those scenes for her, which just go with the flow and do not require performance. She tags the veteran actor Babar Ali, her father in the drama, and writes, “Sir, my dream came true after sharing the same screen with you. Honored.”

The post soon received an outpour of love and appreciation for her acting skills from both her friends and followers.

How do you think will Ishq Hai unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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