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Nadia Jamil shares why we should never take "even a sip of water" for granted

Nadia Jamil shares why we should never take "even a sip of water" for granted

Legendary Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil revealed in April 2020, that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She took to Twitter to share with her followers that she has stage one breast cancer with a grade three tumor.

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“Last week I was diagnosed with cancer. Now 4 days in to treatment. In the last few days have felt all sorts of feelings from apprehension, fear, unbeatably huge love to calm, acceptance, patience, overwhelming gratitude & a deep sense of responsibility to my children, parents, loved ones, myself, you.”

Following her treatment and chemotherapy sessions, Nadia shared a picture of her on Friday, which shows she is in good spirits despite struggling with chemo nausea. She wrote, “Its been an unforgettable struggle. Chemo is a battle. But I’m without fear, in solitude held tight, cocooned in Allah’s love. Every lesson sent I try to learn. Pain, sickness is all a journey to healing & patience.”

She went onto add that there is no alone if you believe in the creator, befriend yourself and if you are loved and cherished.

The Damsaa actress revealed that post-chemotherapy, she has become diabetic.

Speaking about her hands shaking due to weakness because she only had an apple and a half croissant in the entire week, she shed light on something extremely important and thought-provoking. Nadia Jamil wrote, “Hands shaking now so signing off. Please pray I manage to eat a little. Have only had an apple and half a croissant in the whole week. Allah give strength to the weak & hot food, fresh clean water to everyone. Take nothing 4 granted. Not even a sip of water going down your throat.”

We pray Nadia recovers soon and we hope we count our blessings and try to be thankful for whatever we have and whatever we do not.

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