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"Pasoori Nu" Fails to Capture the Hearts of Fans

"Pasoori Nu" Fails to Capture the Hearts of Fans

Remaking songs has become a common practice in the Indian music industry, aimed at bringing popular tunes to a new audience like Nach Punjaban, Disco Deewane, Hawa Banke, and many more. However, not all remakes manage to capture the essence and spirit of the original. The recent remake of the song “Pasoori” entitled “Pasoori Nu”, by T-Series for the Kartik Aryan, Kiara Advani starrer “SatyaPrem Ki Katha” is a prime example of a failed attempt at recreating the magic.

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Pasoori, originally composed and performed by Ali Sethi with Shae Gill, resonated deeply with people. Its vibrant melody and overall vibe struck a chord with the global audience, showcasing the extraordinary talent of both artists. Ali Sethi’s stunning composition, combined with Shae Gill’s captivating voice, made the original version an unforgettable experience for listeners. It was a true gem in the music industry, cherished for its emotional depth and artistic brilliance with at least 597 Million views on YouTube.

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Unfortunately, the T-Series remake of Pasoori fails to live up to the beauty of the original. The remake lacks the soul and authenticity that made the original version so remarkable. One of the significant flaws lies in the adaptation’s inability to capture the emotional nuances and subtleties that made the song special. The remake’s musical arrangement feels lackluster, relying heavily on commercial appeal rather than artistic integrity. This approach results in a diluted version of the original, stripping away the very essence that made the song so captivating.

The disappointment surrounding the remake of Pasoori extended beyond borders. Abundant Twitter users voiced their displeasure when they discovered that the remake was featured in the film Satyaprem Ki Katha. The decision to recreate such a beloved Pakistani song in an Indian film sparked a backlash on social media. Many expressed their frustration, feeling that the essence of the song had been exploited without due recognition to the original artists. Let’s have a look at a few tweets from music enthusiasts around the world.


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