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Pehli Si Muhabbat is a poetic journey of love engulfed in melancholy

Pehli Si Muhabbat is a poetic journey of love engulfed in melancholy

A few teasers of the upcoming visual delight, Pehli Si Muhabbat have released so far and they depict an adorable love story wrapped in a plethora of ordeals, ranging from strict family members to this cruel society and everything in between.

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Playing Aslam in the drama, the dapper, Sheheryar is head over heels in love with the beautiful Rakshi, played by Maya Ali. He chases her everywhere, just to have a quick glance at her, so much so that when his brother, Akram, portrayed by the debutant HSY strictly asks him to not touch his bike, he chooses to run to have a glimpse of his Rakshi.

Aslam rescues Rakshi when a mob attacks her place with stones. His mother apparently agrees for Rakshi but the happiness is short-lived, as Akram slaps Aslam with full force. Rakshi is then shown waiting for a miracle to happen, to spend her life with Aslam.

Aslam’s mother and sister-in-law bring sweets to Rakshi’s home because they have found a girl for Aslam. Rakshi walks away but the news sends shivers up her spine. On the other hand, Aslam is also angry at his mother for choosing someone else. Rakshi’s father also gets his daughter engaged with someone else, with her wedding scheduled after two months. Both lovebirds are forced to part ways but as Rabia Butt, in the end, says, “What if this time, the heart wins and the tongue (commitment) loses.”

The next teaser delineates impeccable acting by both Maya and Sheheryar. Aslam feels helpless on Rakshi’s Mayun and the latter is heartbroken that the color of henna is not fading. She reaffirms she will not go anywhere against the will of her father but she insists on calling off the wedding.

Rakshi and Aslam are holding hands, sharing a moment of sheer love when suddenly, her father catches them. “The day fathers understand their daughters too, have a right to wish for someone, they will stop worrying,” says Rabia Butt, as Rakshi’s father pushes Aslam out of the house saying, “How can I get my daughter married to someone who comes to the house in my absence to spend time with my daughter?”

Rakshi now has to choose between love and dignity; love for herself, and dignity for everyone else. What do you think will be her choice in Pehli Si Muhabbat?


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