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People have started re-watching Meri Guriya, demanding similar punishment for the culprits

People have started re-watching Meri Guriya, demanding similar punishment for the culprits

One of the most immersive dramas of 2018, Meri Guriya, not only garnered exceptional fame for its brilliant ensemble cast or intense story but also touched upon the harrowing issue of child abuse and rape, altogether.

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Be it 5-year-old Marwah in PIB Colony, Karachi, or an 86-year-old grandmother in Delhi, India, women of all ages are being physically assaulted on a daily bases across the world. Days after Marwah’s killing, a woman, accompanying her children was heinously brutalized when she stopped due to the fuel shortage on the motorway, near Lahore.

These events are so heartwrenching and gruesome that people who do not even know properly about them, are coming in the mainstream, engulfed in ultimate agony and infinite aggression to denounce these pathetic incidents with the strongest possible words.

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Following the widespread demands of various celebrities to punish the perpetrators publically, the antagonist of Meri Guriya, Mohsin Abbas Haider took to Instagram to post a video clip from the last episode. He wrote, “We Demand Public Hanging For The Rapist. We Tried to Raise Our Voice Back In 2018 Through This Project but Nothing Happened. How Many More And Till When!!?”


Meri Guriya was made after the case of Zainab, a seven-year-old girl who never returned home. The most pivotal scene of the drama delineated a crane, all set to hang a criminal with the hangman’s noose unstirred by the wind blowing. As the police officer brought him towards the noose, the posse started hitting him with whatever they had in their hands. Standing in front of the noose, he saw all those little girls he had killed smiling at him. The liver raised and with it, raised an epitome of inhumanity and cruelty.

An epilogue, in the voice of Sonya Hussyn, defines the necessity of strict laws against criminals of a similar sort. Also, Meri Guriya has proved to be a pivotal step towards the betterment of our society, with an intense storyline and a perfect cast.

People have started watching Meri Guriya again, after back to back horrific cases, asking and praying for a similar fate for the culprits.

MEri Guriya

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