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Pinjra just premiered its 1st episode last night and people are already taking about it

Pinjra just premiered its 1st episode last night and people are already taking about it

Late Asma Nabeel’s story Pinjra, turned into reality by Shazia Wajahat and director Najaf Bilgrami, has just premiered on ARY Digital last night and has accumulated exceptional praise on YouTube and on other social media platforms.

Pinjra starts off by delineating an apparently complete family including a couple, their two sons, and one daughter with no financial or domestic issues. As the drama unfolds, it shows the younger child Abaan, slightly different than his elder siblings.

However, what signifies Pinjra to be a different yet well-crafted show is the depiction of something very relatable to the populace watching it, especially the families living in the subcontinent. In a country filled with people like Junaid Jamshed, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Mahira Khan, Malala Yousafzai, and others known for their talents and skills, fathers like Javed Rehman ruin their kids because of their toxic comprehension of success and stature.

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Elder children Azaan and Abeer are good in studies, which makes Javed feel that he somehow has the license to think his third child should also bury his ambitions and hobbies to transform into his siblings. However, Abaan has a creative mind and likes activities such as painting and playing guitar.

The drama shows how saying phrases like “You are a disappointment,” and “Loser”, to your children, affects their personalities. Abundant drama aficionados have taken to Twitter to give their two cents on the opening double episode.

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