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Sinf e Aahan: Powerful & fierce Arzoo Daniel reaches Youhanabad

Sinf e Aahan: Powerful & fierce Arzoo Daniel reaches Youhanabad

Arzoo Daniel thought she is the girl Noraiz befriended to marry. Little did she know what Noraiz wanted was far from marriage. While coming back home, she was regularly humiliated by goons in the neighborhood, but all she did was stay silent.

Toxic Noraiz always treated her like she is a lesser human being and she will not pass the ISSB test, let alone get into the Pakistan Army. She was engulfed in his toxicity so much so that she started to doubt herself.

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However, when she reached Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) and Noraiz asked her to send a selfie, one military training personnel said, “Madam Apna Muqaam Pehchanain” (Ma’am realize your worth!) and it was certainly a watershed moment for her. She always saw Noraiz as the only good thing in her life and therefore she endured all his emotional harassment.

But tables have turned and her main goal now is to get into the Pakistan Army. After months of living at PMA, while writing the letter to her family, she pens her feelings so beautifully, talks about how great it is, living at PMA, with equality, friendliness, and support. She also mentions Noraiz and touches upon how she does not care about him anymore.

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Moreover, after passing the saluting test, when she comes back to her neighborhood, she is again harassed by the same set of goons. Instead of silently enduring it, she makes sure to give them the taste of their own medicine. The beating is hands-down one of the most soothing scenes of the entire episode according to many people who watched the 13th episode on YouTube.

Perhaps Youhanabad might have received its Arzoo Daniel. Albeit, not the same one.

With all this being said, how do you think will Sinf e Aahan unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.