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Sinf e Aahan: Will Rabbia & Mahjabeen become friends again?

Sinf e Aahan: Will Rabbia & Mahjabeen become friends again?

In the 17th episode of Sinf e Aahan, Rabbia Safeer helps Mahjabeen Mastaan find the flash hider of her rifle. However, she later justifies that the only reason she has helped Mahjabeen is because of the teachings of the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).

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Once best friends, the duo became rivals because of a little misunderstanding, followed by a bunch of events. Thinking of Mahjabeen as the wife of her brother Daniyal, Rabbia went to meet her to apparently give her the good news, but she was shocked to hear Kumail expressing his love for Mahjabeen.

Without saying anything, Rabbia and her family get Daniyal engaged to someone else without even informing Mahjabeen, let alone inviting her. When Mahjabeen comes to know of it, she questions Rabbia, because she had thought Rabbia wanted her to marry Daniyal. However, in response, Rabbia acts clueless.

Nasr breaks off the engagement with Rabbia without telling her the exact reason. As the story unfolds, it turns out Mahjabeen had lied about Rabbia’s condition, deeming her as a person with bipolar disorder. Even the teaser for tonight’s episode delves into the story of their friendship turned hatred.

How do you think will the Rabbia–Mahjabeen story unfold? Will PMA play a part in making them friends again? What about Daniyal and Nasr? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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