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Ruswai | Sameera is alone and in agony

Ruswai | Sameera is alone and in agony

After back to back impactful dramas like Cheekh, Surkh Chandni and Meri Guriya, the most-watched entertainment channel of the country has brought Ruswai for its spectators around the world.

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The latest and fifth episode of Ruswai is trending on Youtube with over 2 million views as of now. It is because the episode has touched upon not just the incident, but its repercussions and aftermaths also. Such assaults do not only affect the victim but also the people around them and we could see that in Ruswai’s fifth episode.

RuswaiSameera comes home, engulfed in bruises and cuts and the ordeal is felt by her mother and sister alike. The way they looked at each other depicted how traumatic it is, for these women to come out of the dystopia.

She stayed quiet at first, did not even wail, but her eyes were soaked in tears. Her co-worker suggested she should go to the hospital but she was in despair and agony that she could not even move.

RuswaiIn her second house, the house of her lawfully wedded husband, things were pretty pale and cold. Her mother-in-law hoped she dies and in spite of coming to know of the horrendous incident, Salman chose to spend time at home, in lieu of going to share her grief. The woman he loved insanely was laying on the ground a few hours ago and all he did was, cry.

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As we had seen in the earlier episode, Sameera’s father tried to save his daughter-in-law more than her. She got furious on her dad for the right reason; for presenting her as a prey to the cannibals. He not only confessed that he did that because she was his friend’s daughter, but he also apologized forgetting it would never be of any use anymore.

RuswaiThe entire quagmire hit the whole family so bad that Hamza tried to beat the person who was just asking Rohina to watch out for her dress that was entangling the car door. Rohina was moved by the ordeal so deeply that she tried very hard not to cry and started shaking instead, as teardrops ran down her cheek.

Notwithstanding the presence of a bunch of exquisite actors, not for a second did they let us realize that they were actors. Rather, they made us believe that we also are an integral part of the situation.

From Mukhtar Mai to Qandeel Baloch, women have not only been subjected to humiliation, victimization, and brutalization, they are also murdered in the name of honor. ARY Digital Network understands its responsibilities well and does not shy away to grip campaigns shedding light on societal issues so that Pakistan could become a better place to live with each passing day. Talking about taboo topics between the lines with absolute subtlety is also something we usually see in dramas associated with ARY Digital.

Ruswai is directed by the veteran actress Rubina Ashraf and produced by Six Sigma Entertainment. The drama incorporates adroit actors such as Sana Javed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Osama Tahir, Minah Tariq, legendary actors, Mohammad Ahmed, Usman Peerzada, and Seemi Raheel.

How do you think will the drama unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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