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In Videos: Sahiba And Rambo's Trip to The Northern Areas Exhibits Gorgeousness!

In Videos: Sahiba And Rambo's Trip to The Northern Areas Exhibits Gorgeousness!

Having garnered exceptional fame for their impeccable acting skills, Sahiba and Rambo aka Afzal Khan, went on to become one of the most amazing couples of Pakistani media fraternity. Known for their philanthropy, the couple never ceases to amaze the fans and followers through their Instagram posts. Both the protagonists post photos and videos in various instances. From encouraging people for the elections’ day to planting trees to curb the extensively growing wave of global warming, this couple has proved to be an epitome of sheer humanity.

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Both actors have recently visited the Northern areas of Pakistan, and the photos they have posted will unarguably get you to plan for a trip as soon as possible! Have a look at Sahiba’s photo delineating the absolutely ethereal Attabad River in the background.


Meanwhile, our very own Rambo has posted a set of photos of himself and his better half from Attabad Lake on a jet-ski.


Have a look at these cuties become our guides for the day, telling us stuff about the lake and the mountains nearby.



Little did we know about our country being this astounding! The couple records this surreal ambiance on their way to Hunza.


Soon after getting on the boat, Sahiba wears the lifejacket setting an example for her fans—first things first.


The selfie of this couple standing beside the flabbergasting, Lulusar Lake is giving us some major couple goals.


Having dressed in the safety gear, Sahiba posts a video of her rafting experience in the midst of Naran amidst a group of travelers.


The starlet finds a place where she used to come for the shooting spells of their movies. The amount of excitement she has in her heart can be deciphered through her face and voice.


Standing in a lush green land with gigantic mountains in the background, the couple poses for this cute photo oozing infinite love.


Aren’t these human beings adorable? Rambo posts a video of himself, training his daughters about keeping the country clean. Albeit being very young, his daughters listen to their father keenly.


Lastly, have a look at this lively couple re-enact on a well-famed song in the midst of Siri Paye, keeping it an enchanting affair.


We wish Sahiba and Rambo well for their future, with an abundance of love and contentment galore. More power to you guys!

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