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In Photos: Saba Qamar grooves at Salman Faisal's Mehndi

In Photos: Saba Qamar grooves at Salman Faisal's Mehndi

Just like 2018, the year 2019 also appears to be a year full of big fat weddings. Recently the veteran actress Saba Faisal’s dapper son, Salman Faisal has had his Nikkah celebration and Mayun ceremony amid an abundance of excitement and love galore.

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Yesterday, the groom, his suave brother Arslan and his gorgeous sister Sadia have taken to Instagram to post videos delineating Salman’s Mehndi ceremony incorporating flamboyant dance moves by all the family members and friends.

Have a look at Salman, slaying in this traditional floral kurta pajama.


But he is not the only one looking good, his entire family looks fabulous.


And our favorite, Pappu from Babban Khala Ki Betiyan looks super chic and utterly decent.


The family that smiles together, stays together, and we cannot agree more! This group photo depicts the love they possess for each other.


Sibling love is the purest form of love and we can totally fathom the aforementioned statement by looking at this photo.


The surreal, Kinza Hashmi looks adorable in this outfit exhibiting grandeur.


The groom sprinkles his happiness and excitement with this power-packed performance.


And then gets accompanied by both his siblings. Ain’t it such a beautiful sight?


Guess who joins the Faisal clan! It’s the astoundingly talented, Saba Qamar.


Here she stands with Salman’s family and her co-actor from Cheekh, Noor Ul Hasan.


Sadia also ropes in for a photo with her brother, Saba and the veteran Noor Ul Hasan.


How could anybody not listen to the groom? Saba gets up and grooves a little with Salman. What a cutie!



From her dance moves to her makeup and her outfit, Saba has got everything absolutely on point.



Live music and Saba’s dance, things you are wishing to have on your Mehndi too.


She goes all breezy with the legendary Saba and her pretty daughter, Sadia, putting the dance floor on fire.


We’re certain Salman’s Baraat would have Saba and other celebrities and we cannot wait for it! Stay tuned for more from his ceremonial wedding events.

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