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Sana-Afridi Share A Fun Moment In The Gym

Sana-Afridi Share A Fun Moment In The Gym

All the A-list Pakistani celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon of joining gyms in order to stay fit. Not only do they want to become picture-perfect themselves, they often sprinkle tricks and trades of their workouts on Instagram for their fans.

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The veteran actress, Sana Fakhar also joins her fellow celebrities to tell her fans, how to get themselves in shape. She takes to Instagram to make a set of stories for specifically the women who complain about wide shoulders.

She goes on to tell her fans about an exercise that will literally narrow their shoulders, making them look just perfect.

The actress performs exercises in front of the camera in a descriptive manner so that the viewers of her Instagram stories get an idea of everything they should do. As we look keenly to her surroundings, we can get a glimpse of the cricketing superstar, Shahid Afridi working out. YES! SHAHID AFRIDI!

The moment comes! When our national hero decides to finally step into the frame, saying, “She’s teaching wrong exercises” twice, and walks away. The prima donna in return, laughs.

She says, “thank you, sir, for correcting me” and as a response, Lala smiles, as he continues his exercise. Moreover, Sana also proceeds her tutorial to narrow the shoulders.

After all her exercises, she goes to the legend again saying, “We’ve got a champion with us” and he politely greets the viewers. The witty Afridi then says “everything she is telling is untrue. Don’t say I didn’t tell you, people, she is teaching wrong exercises!”

We love these adorable gestures from our celebrities and how they respond to each other’s comments with a smile on their face. We are certain, a lot of other celebrities will adopt this act of grace and sportsmanship.

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