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Everything you can witness in this year's Shan-e-Ramzan

Everything you can witness in this year's Shan-e-Ramzan

Ramzan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar to seek blessings, righteousness, forgiveness, and sacrifice for Muslims across all continents.

Following the legacy, ARY Digital brings the most anticipated comprehensive transmission for its devoted viewers all over the world, once again, to encourage the best practices and harmony among Muslims and to spread happiness and charity among the deprived and needy.

Talented and Versatile Host Waseem Badami is back with more zeal and passion. Along with Iqrar-ul-Hassan with his pure and simple style.

Shan e RamzanLikewise, Fahad Mustafa is all set for this Ramazan to entertain you with the Biggest Game Show of Pakistan, keeping up with the tradition of giving the Best Ramazan Transmission for the last 5 years!!!

A culturally oriented and religiously enlightening set of segments in “Shan-e-Seher” transmission will provide a special start to your fast, live from 1:30 am to 5:00 am, hosted by Waseem Badami.

Just like Sehri Transmission, “Shan-e-Iftar” is also filled with spiritually rich programs of diversified feel and notion, that will uplift the essence of Ramazan, live from 2:30 pm every day, hosted by our very own, Waseem Badami.

Shan e RamzanShan-e-Ramazan transmission will daily start with recitation of the Holy Quran and its translation in the soulful voice of Qari Waheed and Zafar Qasmi in the ‘Qirat-o-Tarjuma’ segment. ‘Aalim Aur Aalam’ will feature renowned religious scholars of different sects as guests, who will use their knowledge to discuss various religious issues followed by a question and answer session.

Followed by a daily interactive segment ‘Inaam-e-Ramzan’ in Sehr & Iftar, in which the audience will be answering the questions to win exciting prizes.

‘Shan-e-Alam’ is a daily Islamic Quiz segment in Iftar and Sehar in which students from different universities and colleges will participate to win a bumper prize.

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This year ‘Shan-e-Madina’, the biggest naat competition for children under the age of 12 is being organized. Auditions were conducted in 6 cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. The winners of these auditions will participate in Shan-e-Madina’s segment of Shan-e-Ramazan Transmission.

Along with the daily segment of poetic recitations by Waseem Badami of famous Urdu Poets.

We will also be able to watch the daily segment of Shan-e-Iftar where Iqrar ul Hassan will reach out to the deserving souls who are eager for help in ‘Naiki’.

Shan e RamzanFollowed by a daily segment of Debate Competition ‘Zaawia’ in Iftar. Participants would be selected through auditions to compete with each other on the basis of their debating skills.

‘Middath-e-Rasool’ (S.A.W.W.) will feature various renowned naat khawans, reciting beautiful verses.

A daily segment of Cooking in Iftar by Chef Farah ‘Shan-e-Dastarkhawan’ will also enthrall our television screens. Ramazan based useful tips will be shared in the segment.


A daily segment of Sehri where Wasim Badami along with notable scholars will have LIVE Sehri with the audience while discussing different Islamic queries with Ulema.

A live segment in which the audience will participate in celebrations of the first “Roza Kushai” of Kids present in the audience. Hosts, Guests, and Religious Scholars will also join the festivity. ‘

Shan e Ramzan‘Shan-e-Sukhan’ is the daily segment of Shan-e-Iftar that will be conducted by Waseem Badami to know how well are the participants with Urdu poetry.

A daily intellectual lecture in Shan-e-Iftar and Shan-Sehr on topics of daily matters of our society will be delivered in light of Islamic teachings and practices of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) in ‘Shan-e-Islaf’.


Islamic Stories would be narrated to enlighten our children in ‘Qasas-e-Islam’ with historical facts about Islam and prominent Islamic personalities.

‘Wazaif’ will be a daily segment in Shan-e-Sehr by notable scholar Mufti Sohail Raza Amjadi, where he will suggest different virtuous supplications to the audience.

Shan e RamzanA daily segment in Shan-e-Sehr that will provide viewers to be part of Shan-e-Ramazan Transmission from their home by special live Skype session through ‘Shan-e-Ramzan-Ke-Mehman.’

‘Aaj-Ke-Mehman’ will have a distinguished and renowned celebrity as the special guest of “Shan-e-Iftar” daily. Live interaction with the audience and casual chit-chat sessions will make the transmission special.


Daily Segment of Dua in Shan-e-Iftar where scholars will conduct a prayer session to thank Almighty Allah (SWT)  for His generosities and will pray for the wellbeing of human beings around the world.

The most watched and followed game show of Pakistan since 5 consecutive years, Jeeto Pakistan will be broadcasted daily at 7:30 pm, hosted by the heartthrob, Fahad Mustafa. Jeeto Pakistan is all set to spread a plethora of smiles, compassion, and love to all the fans, so get ready to create history with Jeeto Pakistan with 200 Cars, 1200 Bikes & 1200 Tola Gold.

Shan e RamzanStart your regular day this Ramadan with Good Morning Pakistan Ramadan Special with the stunning Nida Yasir every Monday to Friday at 9:00 am live.

And this is not all! You will also be able to watch your favorite drama Cheekh every Saturday at 10:00 PM, which could be defined as the journey of a woman who fights for justice for her closest friend.

Along with Hania every Friday at 10:00 PM, which revolves around the life of a girl who faces marital abuse, and wants to be free from the marriage, but is afraid of facing the wrath of the society.

Shan e RamzanAlso, Babban Khala Ki Betiyan every Sunday at 10:00 PM, which delves into the lives of Babban Khala and Basharat’s six daughters: Ishrat, Musarat, Habiba, Durdana, Baby, and Bubbly. Each daughter has a unique personality and has a different story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

With all these festivities and blessings, ARY Digital Network wishes you, Ramadan Kareem. What are your views on this schedule? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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