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"Colour means absolutely nothing, LOVE does," Shaniera Akram

"Colour means absolutely nothing, LOVE does," Shaniera Akram

Philanthropist Shaniera Akram is known for her efforts for humanity and advocacy for gender equality. She has been vocal on various social and environmental issues time and again and has a strong stance against terrorism of all kinds.

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The human rights activist has expressed her love for Pakistan in different ways abundant times and has tried to practically bring a change by pushing people to be more empathetic, altruistic, and careful for a better tomorrow.


In the wake of the recent Minneapolis incident and global outcry over racism, she took to Instagram to reveal a few “ugly” remarks the couple had to endure when they tied the knot.

She wrote, “He only married her because she’s white. She must be easy! Does his skin smell different? Why couldn’t he marry a Brown girl? It’s not natural for two skin colours to mix. Interracial relationships never work. What spell did she put on him ? You will never been seen as a real couple. His sons can’t have a Gori stepmother. If you have children they will grow up confused and treated differently.”


She went on to say these ugly and unwarranted remarks were made from people on both sides. “Skin colour only troubles the people in this world who sees it. Like millions of others, We are living proof that colour means absolutely nothing, LOVE does,” she continued.

Yet again, Shaniera Akram has come up with a strong stance against inequality that has made a vast populace love and respect her even more.

More power to you, Bhabi!

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