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Shaniera Akram has something important to say about the pandemic

Shaniera Akram has something important to say about the pandemic

In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak around the world, different countries have temporarily been locked down. Not only important public events, but marriages are also postponed along with the total closure of markets and restaurants. Celebrities around the world are asking their fans to stay vigilant and stay indoors if they catch even the slightest symptoms of the pandemic. Likewise, bhabi Shaniera Akram has just taken to Twitter, to post a set of precautionary measures regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

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The philanthropist starts off by asking people to either let their domestic staff stay at home or live with the employers because “non live-in staff pose threat of virus spreading.”

She encouraged everyone to pay salaries to the domestic stuff even if they “cannot live with you.”

Currency notes are the major contributors of the bacterial or viral transfer. Shaniera, therefore, asks her Twitter followers to make sure to wash or sanitize hands after handling currency.

When the entire social media is engulfed with Coronavirus posts, spreading panic and horror to the masses, the diva calms her followers, asking them to take care of their “hand hygiene and practice social distancing.”

She is worried to see the state of supermarkets with empty shelves, queues out the door and stocking up on medicines.

The activist uploads a worrying photo of a swab she had cleaned her phone with, hinting other objects we can find germs on.

Talking to the landlords, she speaks about some rent leniency towards their tenants during this time of hardship.


Lastly, she requests Pakistan to do what the country is famous for; charity because “it’s not just about the virus anymore it’s about keeping our country afloat throughout this time of crisis.”

More power to you Shaniera Akram.

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