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Wasim and Shaniera Akram sprinkle their charm in England

Wasim and Shaniera Akram sprinkle their charm in England

Known for her love for Pakistan, our undisputed national bhabi, Shaniera Akram is recently on vacations with family in the United Kingdom and the photos she is posting regularly are surreal and oozes innumerable positive vibes.

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While her husband, Wasim Akram stayed in the UK for the world cup, she also decided to have a great time with him and their children. Let’s have a look at a few of the photos of these cuties in England.


She writes, “Found a fairy in the woods” and we hand down agree.


Her love for the Sultan of Swing is unexplainable.



Shaniera has become such a Pakistani who craves for desi food whilst being abroad. She captions this selfie as, “Send me on my way, we hear the Desi food calling!!”


And that is Aiyla Akram in the midst of absolute nature with an abundance of dark clouds.


This photo will surely make you smile a bit wider. Have a look at Aiyla, the youngest entrepreneur in town with a stall of the desi version of lemonade called Nimbu Pani. Her mommy is all praises for the Nimbu Pani vendor, “Move over lemonade, Nimbu Pani is UKs coolest summer drink! Our little entrepreneur quenching the thirst of all the people in the neighbourhood with her own homemade Nimbu Paani. She’s such a desi at heart and we love that!”


So these are apparently the views of the inside and outside of “the door that welcomed” the Akram family in lake Windermere. The husband calls this place “A must do trip for anyone visiting England.”



We are certain, Aiyla Akram is the most adorable member of the family and these photos explain the aforementioned statement.




And here are other fragments of the Akram family, sprinkling their charm.



We wish and pray for the Akrams for a beautiful and healthy future with abundant smiles and love galore.

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