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Shuja Haider And Saba Qamar Collaborate For The Powerful 'Jeevan Daan'

Shuja Haider And Saba Qamar Collaborate For The Powerful 'Jeevan Daan'

Albeit suffering from economic and political incompetencies, Pakistan is also a host to ample harrowing social issues for various reasons. The unwavering problem of child abuse is one of the pivotal factors that are resisting our country to progress. Child abuse starts at a tender age by the close relatives or neighbors. In spite of sexual harassment, child abuse comprises other factors as well. These factors include early marriages, child labor, domestic violence and others. In order to curb the spreading tumor of child abuse, we need a strict check and balance on the surroundings of our child and we need to provide an adequate amount of awareness to all the children irrespective of their cast, creed or proximity.

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Tears roll down our face as we watched this astounding new song, sung and composed by the majestic, Shuja Haider who has given us upbeat tunes like ‘Tera Woh Payar’ to Pakistan’s version of ‘Colors’ incorporating the international sensation, Jason Derulo with Quratulain Baloch. The song entitled, ‘Jeevan Daan’ is a potpourri of bitter reality and abundance of emotions, blended together with an absolute mastery sending chills down our spines as we watch it.

Having incorporated the absolute beauty, Saba Qamar, Jeevan Daan is arguably the most influential and heart-wrenching music video of the recent times. It starts off with Saba acting as a fragment of our society, watching all our children go through variable levels of misery and oppression, leaving their innocence, hopeless.

Saba QamarAs the video proceeds, it makes us comprehend two harrowing issues our country is facing at this hour; early marriages and sexual abuse. The video highlights few powerful scenes depicting children shouting their hearts out while Shuja Haider discusses pivotal topics, including that of Zainab, through his effective choice of phrases and words.

Saba QamarOn the other hand, Saba’s expressions and body language are providing apt justice to the overall composition of the song. The song delineates the actual happenings that have been taking place in our country. It also exhibits the power of art and its occurrence as the catalyst to yield a positive change.

We are certain that this music video will let your conscience take a proactive decision about the ongoing oppression of our children.

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