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Sinf e Aahan Ep 11-12: Real rifles, actual gunshots, remarkable and empowering

Sinf e Aahan Ep 11-12: Real rifles, actual gunshots, remarkable and empowering

The girls who were constantly told they could not go to the Pakistan Army just because of their gender just broke the glass ceilings in the recent episode of the hit drama serial Sinf e Aahan. Not only did the girls hold loaded rifles and run, but they also fired for the first time, in a shooting range.

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From Syeda Sidra, who almost fell when she was handed the gun, to Rabbia Safeer, who hurt herself while shooting, every girl pulled the trigger with complete mastery, making this drama more intriguing with each passing second.

Pariwesh Jamal, who had fired a toy air gun when she was a kid, was now pulling the trigger of an actual rifle with the same accuracy and zero worries in her eyes.

The fear of hurting themselves did not stop Rabia Safeer and Syeda Sidra from firing. In spite of painful recoil., both lady cadets did their best, firing for the first time.

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The entire shooting range experience was no less than a treat for Shaista Kahnzada and Arzoo Daniel. They looked pretty calm, composed, and excited after taking their first shots.

However, the feelings Nathmy Parreira had, were different than any other LC. Holding the gun brought a plethora of memories in her heart; the good one, where her father taught her how to shoot for the first time, and the bad one, where she remembered her injured father was being gunned down right in front of her eyes.

With girls writing heartfelt letters to their family members, and the leopard crawling with rifles in their hands, to them getting to acknowledge the transition in them from Sinf e Naazuk to Sinf e Aahan, episodes 11 and 12 are truly empowering. It can easily be seen in the comments’ under the episodes.

Well, how do you think will the drama unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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