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Hustle, help, and empowerment | Sinf e Aahan Episode 9

Hustle, help, and empowerment | Sinf e Aahan Episode 9

The ninth episode of Sinf e Aahan had aired last Saturday and people could not stop talking about it for a bundle of reasons.

It started off with the Sinf e Aahan girls hustling to finish the 1-mile race, with the Sri Lankan cadet Nathmy Perrea finishing first.

A scene depicts Pariwesh Jamal stumbling and subsequently falling down. Nathmy Perrera comes to her rescue but she is sent away, leaving Pariwesh on her own. Rabia Safeer outdoes Mahjabeen Mastaan but still finishes second.

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The girls are then asked to wear their Army uniforms for the first time, so every girl helps the other one. They are taught discipline, uniformity, punctuality, among other valuable lessons.

Another scene that has made the audience fall in love with this episode is Major Usama’s bedtime story to his daughter. He tells his wife that marrying will not be the ultimate prize for their daughter. Instead, he reads her a story where the girl does not need a prince charming to save her and she ends up making her own way.

Currently, the girls are preparing for the next step of their training; handling heavy weapons and shooting them, which is evident from the teaser of the 10th episode.

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How do you think will the drama unfold? Who is your favorite LC as of now? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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