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Strings' 'Urr Jaoon' Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

Strings' 'Urr Jaoon' Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

The undisputedly astounding, Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood are celebrating thirty years of Strings. They have initiated an album ‘Thirty’ for that matter, which will possess eight songs. ‘Sajni‘ happens to be the first song of ‘Thirty’. It has gotten immense praise from a populace which is not confined to just Pakistan, the video is applauded by spectators from across the world garnering nearly 1M views’ mark.

The deadly duo posted a teaser of the second song from the album which apparently seemed appealing. The teaser didn’t carry rock music, nor guitars or any utterance from either of the singers. It just showed children having an apparent fun time at the beach.


Yesterday, Strings has posted the song, ‘Urr Jaoon’ which is rather an emotional visual jaunt. The song, from the very inception, feels different, igniting an ocean of emotions oozing out of the eyes and heart. The music video initiates with the rhythmic sound of a piano, followed by an opening to the scene where an extravagant dining hall with everything classy and glittery is portrayed.

A child walks by to the dining hall with a plate full of buns in her hand, accompanied by other children carrying glasses and variable other crockery items. As the video proceeds, our hearts break, seeing the little girl’s smile. Her smile is a gentle pat on her shoulder for the amount of consistent dedication she has depleted in cleaning the glass so well that it displays her true reflection in it.

StringsThe gorgeously poignant sight along with Bilal Maqsood’s melodious voice makes the affair rather surreal. All children leave the hall and the gate opens for all the guests, Faisal Kapadia being the first one to enter. All visitants sit on their respective chairs meanwhile the children sit at a distance with their wide eyes glued to the luxurious table. Some children, despite being sleepy, stares the table with absolute vigilantly. Meanwhile, the socially activated guests talk, Faisal Kapadia’s spoon falls on the ground which draws the acute attention of one of the girls sitting at a distance, observing the instance keenly.

She runs with a spoon enveloped with a red, velvety handkerchief, towards the table. Kapadia notices the spoon and starts imagining something. He stands up rather haphazardly and goes towards the kids. He brings the girl who brought a spoon and gets her to sit in his place. His act ignites conscious of other guests as well, which makes them go and bring children to the table.

StringsIn the next scene, children are seen dancing with each other, on the beach, with other band members along with Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia having fun with them.

The music video depicts a very pivotal social issue our country faces. We often hire child maids in our houses, a child brings tea in the dhaba, a child is responsible to inflate the tires, and a child even pushes the pram of another, privileged child. The maestro, Jami, after giving massively successful songs like Duur, Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga, Mein Toh Dekhoonga, Anjaane, Aankhain, and Humsafar to the Strings, happens to be behind the subtle direction of this dynamic visual treat. Strings and Jami have a long history of something which is not only visually attractive but is perceived by all senses equally and wholly.

After this flamboyant song, we are uber excited for the next song of the album. Tell us your views on Urr Jaoon in the comments’ section below.