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Surkh Chandni | Aida and Amaan are finally happy

Surkh Chandni | Aida and Amaan are finally happy

Surkh Chandni certainly is a magnum opus in the history of Pakistani television for, it caters a harsh reality of our society with complete subtlety. The drama delves not just in the life of a helpless acid attack victim, but also in the lives of her family members. Perhaps Surkh Chandni can be called the journey of a person from an acid attack victim to an acid attack survivor.

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It is the love story of Aida and Amaan but tranquility does not come easy at all. Surkh Chandni is the depiction of the brutal society we live in, a society that does not let anyone live in harmony. All set to get married to Amaan, Aida gets a proposal from her neighbor Jawad. After the refusal, frustrated Jawad collaborates with Aida’s sister-in-law Shumaila to throw acid on her face, that too on her wedding day.

With her face burnt, Aida experiences the cruel society all by herself, with little support of her family. Her brother becomes a part of the inhumane neighborhood she lives in; blaming her for the sins she never committed. Her only beam of hope are her parents and Amaan but in a turn of events, her father commits suicide leaving behind a handicapped family.

Months pass by and she finally marries Amaan but Jawad conspires to keep making her life miserable, so much so that she decides to run away, and starts living in a shelter house just because she did not want anything bad to happen to Amaan. Amaan, on the other hand, decides to visit the shelter house but on Aida’s instructions, they tell him that she is not there. However, the head of the shelter house tells her how devoted he is and she must get back to him for a fulfilling life.

Meanwhile, Jawad and Shumaila conspire to send Mukhtar to Hyderabad so that they would keep their affair intact and hassle-free. In the latest episode, Mukhtar and Aida’s mother hears their plan to murder Mukhtar if he does not sign the divorce papers and decides to run away to Amaan’s house.

On the other hand, Amaan goes to the shelter and gets the surprise that was waiting for him. Head of the shelter amid other acid attack survivors pay adieu to Aida. They also inform Amaan that he is expecting a child. Aida comes to her husband’s home and to her surprise, sees her mother sitting there. Her mother asks to call Amaan and his mother and informs them about Shumaila and Jawad’s affair and their plan to kill Mukhtar.

After months of struggle and chaos, Aida and Amaan are happy that they are finally together. Surkh Chandni is so captivating that each episode gets hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. The attention-grabbing storyline is the main factor and so is the immensely flamboyant acting by all the actors. Be it Aida, played by Sohai Ali Abro or Amaan, played by Osman Khalid Butt, the level of acting they have set is unrivaled. Coming to the antagonists, Jawad, played by Asad Siddiqui has epitomized the concept of a villain with his intense performance.

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