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Fans from India wish Wahaj Ali on his 3 Million Instagram followers

Fans from India wish Wahaj Ali on his 3 Million Instagram followers

Witness the meteoric rise of Wahaj Ali as he basks in the glory of his tremendous success and soaring stardom! It all began with the sensational drama serial Mujhe Pyaar hua Tha, which catapulted him to new heights of fame. Wahaj Ali’s portrayal of the super cute Saad has ignited a frenzy among fans, who are left awestruck and spellbound. But his magnetic charm doesn’t stop at national borders; he has amassed a significant international following as well, leaving admirers from around the globe enthralled by his talent.

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Recently, the celebration reached its pinnacle as Wahaj Ali reached a monumental milestone of 3 Million Instagram followers. In a heartwarming tribute, his fervent Indian fans orchestrated an unforgettable event. The students of a local school enthusiastically joined forces, adorning the premises with vibrant posters of their beloved idol. With jubilant spirits, they gathered around a meticulously crafted customized cake, symbolizing their adoration for Wahaj. The exuberance overflowed onto social media platforms, as they shared captivating pictures and videos, ensuring that the world could partake in their joy.

Immensely touched by this sweet gesture of encouragement, Wahaj Ali expressed his gratitude, stating, “This is the sweetest gesture of encouragement, I have ever received. I am also unable to send any thank you gifts from Pakistan to India, for you and these beautiful children, but I pray from the bottom of my heart that God bless you all. Ameen.”


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The fans of Wahaj Ali are ecstatic, celebrating his remarkable feat of attaining 3 Million Instagram followers. They inundate him with best wishes and affection, leaving no stone unturned to express their unwavering support

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