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The much-needed sister pep-talk for Sajjo from Woh Pagal Si

The much-needed sister pep-talk for Sajjo from Woh Pagal Si

‘Woh Pagal Si’ is one of the most watched serials of the season, and has been a hit among viewers for the unique storyline and fine performances of the star cast.

This one particular scene featuring the on-screen sisters Shabana [Anam Tanveer] and Sajjo [Areej Chaudhry] from episode 40 of ‘Woh Pagal Si’ has been in attention and received applause for the makers from the viewers.

The scene sees Sajjo – who is madly in love with protagonist Zaheen [Saad Qureshi], despite being aware of his marriage to Sara – having some much-needed pep talk from her elder sibling Shabana – who happens to be the sister-in-law of Zaheen as well.

Shabana advised Sajjo to accept the proposal brought by her mother rather than continue to wait for Zaheen, as she has understood that Zaheen only loves his wife, and will never consider or accept Sajjo as his life partner.

Sajjo retorted her saying that she loves Zaheen, and will never let Sara take him away from her. Shabana further tries to give some sense to Sajjo against her one-sided love for Zaheen and suggested she take a step back from this single-ended relationship.

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Tanveer shared the clip on her Instagram handle, Monday, and touched upon the consequences of ‘one-sided love’. “Any relationship with us one-sided (a friend, romance, or business) that’s one-sided isn’t the one; one-way street headed to nowhere,” she penned along, adding that, “Cultivations requires input from willing participants.”

The social users showed their agreement with the relevant scene in the comments section of Tanveer’s post.

Click on the link below to watch the full episode: Woh Pagal Si Episode 40

About the show, Faisal Bukhari helmed the direction of ‘Woh Pagal Si’, while writer Sadia Akhter penned the story. The plot of the play mainly revolves around rich, spoiled girl Sara (Hira Khan) – the second and youngest daughter of businessman Ahsan Hayat (Baber Ali). Sara is extremely possessive of her father.

The storyline takes an interesting turn when Hayat marries his employee Shazma (Zubab Rana), a manipulative and opportunist, who marries Hayat for his money and thus hates his daughters. Shazma specifically had problems with the younger one Sara, and the two don’t get along well.

Saad Qureshi portrays Zaheen in the show, a member lower-class family, and the son of Ahsan’s driver, who married Sara after she left her house because of Shazma.

‘Woh Pagal Si’ airs everyday at 7:00PM on ARY Digital.

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