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Yashma Gill, Ushna Shah & Feroze Khan have just rescued a shark!

Yashma Gill, Ushna Shah & Feroze Khan have just rescued a shark!

On May 21, an Instagram account ‘The Animal Vanguard’ posted a set of videos featuring a small aquarium with a big shark, making it hard for the fish to even move. According to the initial details, the fish was kept in the same aquarium for about five years in Rawalpindi and the owner of the shop was apparently asking for PKR 200,000 for it.

The post read, “This fish has been kept in this aquarium which is almost the size of her body since 5 years. She could hardly even move around in it. The shop owner tells it is worth 2 lacs. Please share around this as much as you can because this fish needs to be rescued and shifted to some big water body or some big aquarium at least.”

Actress Ushna Shah went to the shop to call out the shopkeeper for keeping the shark in a miserable condition. However, she learned that the fish was brought as a baby and it grew this big in five years. Upon confrontation, the owner brought down the amount to 1 Lac. Yashma Gill, Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan pledged to donate.

Earlier today, the organization took to Instagram to reveal that the shark has been http://bringitusa.com/ bought by Yashma, Ushna, and Feroze. However, they are still looking for an adequate place to transfer the fish.

Kudos to the celebrities and everyone who contributed! A few more people like them will make Pakistan a more empathetic place to be in.