You Will Surely Get Goosebumps With Shan-e-Ramzan’s New Song

Having garnered immaculate hype with behind the scenes’ photos and with its promo, Shan-e-Ramzan’s official song went on to become an all-time favorite Ramadan song of the entire Pakistani populace for all the right reasons.

ARY Digital has a history of presenting extraordinary content to all its spectators when it comes to dramas, shows, and even the Ramadan transmission. ARY Digital has decided to go all natural this time, for its official Ramadan anthem and thus, commenced a shooting spree in different surreal locations within Pakistan.

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Ace anchors Waseem Badami and Iqrar Ul Hassan have shared their experiences from the shooting spell via their social media accounts, delineating exceptional hidden beauty Pakistan possesses. Both hosts have recorded their part of the anthem; Waseem Badami has recorded his singing part while Iqrar Ul Hassan has recorded his part for the segment ‘Naiki’ in Shan-e-Ramzan.

The Song starts off with Waseem Badami walking along a spectacular beach. He sees a man, reciting the holy Quran and decides to go towards him. The melodious voice of Junaid Jamshed gives us goosebumps since he has been a true definition of magic. The old man then gifts him the holy Quran, and he kisses it with sheer respect.

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The scene shifts towards a boy writing a letter to Iqrar Ul Hassan. He writes that the village has no electricity because of which the little boy couldn’t study at night. For that matter, Iqrar goes up their village in order to meet the family of the little boy.

The next scene divulges Waseem Badami to be the co-signer of this installment of Shan-e-Ramzan’s song. Meanwhile, with the help of few volunteers, Iqrar puts solar panels to attain sufficient electricity for the entire village. While on his way somewhere, Waseem sees a village from a beauteous hill, displaying phenomenal view and he decides to go there. He notices a little girl taking a plate full of comestibles, apparently for Iftaari. He takes the plate to the people himself and decides to sit with them. A Masjid is shown, followed by Iqrar sitting and talking to apparently the Mufti of the Masjid.

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The morning show host, Nida Yasir, is shown in the next scene, all set to go live from her program’s set. A physically impaired girl comes in a wheelchair to the set and Nida instantly goes to her. Nida asks the girl to host the show while she stood back, all smiles.

The screen is then taken by Junaid Jamshed, the owner of a majestic voice, followed by few montages of an exquisite mosque and people praying in different ways. Waseem stands at the top of a mosque’s tower, exhibiting sheer beauty in the frame.

As we thought that our goosebumps have come to a halt, Amjad Sabri’s astounding voice sends a shiver to our hands. The frame is then taken by a little girl, sitting with her mother near the railway station, with a banner which stated that she has no money to go to the city for her treatment. Iqrar sees the girl and comes to the rescue instantly. He hands over a pack of bangles to her and gives an envelope to her mother as they walk into the train.

On the instance of a traffic jam, the veteran actor, Humayun Saeed gets out of his car. He notices a boy distributing dates to all the passengers stuck in the traffic jam and insists the boy hand to him over the container so that they can distribute the dates together.

The outstanding actor, Faysal Qureshi walks out of a grand mosque. He sees a man trying to harass an old shopkeeper. He swiftly runs to rescue the shopkeeper by asking the boy to leave. Seeing this generous gesture, the boy walks to the mosque to pray for his forgiveness.

The scene shifts towards a gorgeous celebration where all the A-list celebrities, anchors, and newscasters come together to have a feast amidst scrumptious food and fabulous view.

Having all this being said, ARY Digital very subtly incorporated the celebrities in this song along with breathtaking locations, sung by the debutant singer, Waseem Badami along with the legendary Amjad Sabri and the scholar, Junaid Jamshed.

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