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Celebrities Laud Capital Punishment Of Zainab's Murderer

Celebrities Laud Capital Punishment Of Zainab's Murderer

It was January 2018 when a kid went out of her house to never come back. Zainab Ansari, a six-year-old girl was brutalized odiously, only to be murdered and thrown into garbage later. It was a reflection of not solely the heinous crimes scattered in our country, but also the people we have become, as a society. It was an event that caused so much harm internally and externally that the people who could not even pronounce her name properly came in the mainstream, engulfed in ultimate agony and infinite aggression to denounce this pathetic act with strongest possible words.

Following the widespread protests against her killing, the case received a prompt and comprehensive investigation, that subsequently led to the apprehending of Imran, who allegedly killed her after extensive torture. After a thorough examination and his confession, Imran was convicted and Zainab needed justice so the Anti-Terrorism Court ordered Imran’s execution. According to the verdict, the murderer was not to be hanged once, he got a total of 21 counts of death, three life sentences and a cumulative 23 years in jail.

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Imran was hanged to death on the 17th of October, in the presence of the deceased’s father, Muhammad Amin early morning at the Kot Lakhpat Jail. Following his execution, ample celebrities from the Pakistani media fraternity took to social media to pay homage to Zainab and to appreciate the timely response from the judicial system.

A doting father and unarguably an amazing human being, Faysal Quraishi tweets to appreciate the death sentence given to the loathsome killer of an adorable child.

Known for her extensive advocacy for human rights, the beautiful, Armeena Khan pours her heart out in a tweet.

ZainabThe stunning, Mawra Hocane has always been there for the oppressed people, including Zainab. She’s content with the decision.

The man with a magical voice box, Shafqat Amanat Ali hopes the decision “eased some amount of pain from their (parents’) souls if at all!

The man behind a lot of human rights’ activities in the country, Salman Ahmed comes forward, but this time to put up a tweet of satisfaction.

Zainab murder caseThe immensely talented, Naveed Raza also shares a photo of the little girl with a hashtag that says, “justice is Done”


ARY Digital Network has taken an unprecedented initiative on the day of his execution by dedicating an entire transmission to Zainab. The show was hosted by Iqrar-ul-Hassan, a person who has been thoroughly investigating the case within his journalistic jurisdiction. The program also incorporated pivotal fragments from the Pakistani media fraternity who have been very vocal on highlighting social issues in the country, like Ahsan Khan, Fazeela Qazi and Sania Saeed, who has given us goosebumps with her stellar acting in Meri Guriya, that depicts the very topic of child abuse.

We are certain that the speedy investigation and a straightforward exemplary death will curb similar cases in the future, across the country.

You will never be forgotten Zainab! You will live in our hearts, forever!

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