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ARY Digital | Starting 2022 with a bang!

ARY Digital | Starting 2022 with a bang!

With powerful content, intriguing stories, astoundingly skilled actors, and flawless productions, ARY Digital reclaims the realm for January.

ARY Digital outdoes itself by officially becoming the highest watched satellite television channel for many consecutive months. Not just on the television, the dramas regularly trend on YouTube in Pakistan for all the right reasons. The entertainment giant not just started the year with a bang, but also ended the year 2021 as the highest watched entertainment channel across Pakistan.

The dramas that had been broadcasted throughout January include Baddua, Amanat, Berukhi, Main Hari Piya, Benaam, Bulbulay, Good Morning Pakistan, and of course the new and bigger version of Jeeto Pakistan. Moreover, after the conclusion of Benaam, the channel planned to roll out ‘Teri Rah Mein‘, which made sure the channel stays on the top.

Sinf e Aahan has also become an important catalyst for the channel to grab the top spot.

On January 23rd, the newest visual delight ‘Yeh Na Thi Hamari Qismat‘ just premiered its first episode after the end of Main Hari Piya, and its episodes have already started trending on YouTube with millions of views.

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