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Guess Who Got To Witness Strings' Recent Concert

Guess Who Got To Witness Strings' Recent Concert

As millennials, we have witnessed ample bands come and go, abundant singers fail miserably and many collaborations break. One of the very few things to stay intact happens to be the deadly duo we call ‘Strings’, incorporated of Maestro Anwar Maqsood’s son, Bilal Maqsood and an owner to a powerful voice, Faisal Kapadia.

These veteran singers have given us absolutely astounding upbeat tunes from Dour, Ap Khud Kuch Karna Parega, Dhaani to Akhri Alvida. Their immense popularity is not just confined to Pakistan, they’ve got their songs featured in Bollywood and Hollywood movies as well.

2018 happens to be the benchmark in Strings’ history, as the band is celebrating its thirty years of togetherness. For the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the band has decided to make as many as eight audio treats for its fans that will be incorporated in an album called ‘Thirty‘. Strings has already released two of the eight songs, with upbeat ‘Sajni’ happening to be the first one while ‘Urr Jaoon’ turning out to be rather awakening.

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Aleit going to variable television shows as guests to promote and talk about their newest album, Faisal and Bilal have come up with a plan which surely is one of its kind and will have an overwhelming effect in the long run.  The uber influencing duo has collaborated with a private university to make social inclusion become a reality by performing after tentatively 300 hearing impaired people Thursday evening.

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It has become possible by having one interpreter on the stage, translating all the songs to the crowd with the assistance of sign language. The entire crowd has depicted scenes of ultimate unity and uniform enthusiasm. The arena has been oozing absolute energy irrespective of the presence of a diverse audience.


Having interpreters has become mandatory in developed countries like US and Canada. Strings’ recent concert has laid a milestone with the initiative to exhibit patronage with impaired fragments of the society. Taking the concerting game to an excitingly new level, Strings has surely become the most inspiring music band of Pakistan.

We are quite certain that this path will be followed by other artistes as well. More power to you people, Faisal and Bilal. keep motivating entire Pakistani populace to have a sense of humanity.


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