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In Photos: Alizeh Feroze Being Admired By Her In-Laws

In Photos: Alizeh Feroze Being Admired By Her In-Laws

The last week of March and the first week of April happened to have all the people residing within Pakistan hooked on the ceremonial wedding festivities of the heartthrob, Feroze Khan. The star-studded events garnered immense love and praise from a vast populace. From the PJ dance parties to Bhangra sessions along with the presence of well-celebrated artistes made all those glamorous affairs become headlines for quite a while.

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Amidst infinite love and happiness, we found the officially favorite Bhabi of 2018; Alizeh Feroze Khan. From her surreal smile to her astoundingly innocent persona, the newest bride instantly won ample hearts. Not only Feroze Khan’s fans were spellbound by the new edition in the Malick family, his sisters also became fond of their Bhabi, quite literally. Even after the wedding festivities were over, Humaima and Dua never missed a chance to embrace their baby brother’s, bubbly sweetheart.

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But first, let’s dwell on the photos of our new favorite Bhabi posted by the heartthrob, Feroze Khan on his Instagram.

Feroze Khan has posted this photo soon after their Mehndi ceremony. Alizeh Bhabi looks absolutely cute here, with her bare face. “Cheers to whatever little we have ?” happens to be one fascinating caption.


The hunk has put a heart as he uploaded one of his Valima photos, standing with the woman, he has to spend his whole life with.


Coming to Khan’s sisters, Dua Malick never misses a chance to admire her only Bhabi for not just her innocence, but also because Dua has been the person who initially selected Alizeh for her brother. Check this out if you didn’t know.


What does this photo divulge? Sheer love, without any doubts.


Donned in a grand Saree, the younger Malick is undoubtedly having a fun time with her Bhabi. Alizeh is arguably the coolest Bhabi ever. Literally.


Having garnered utmost praise for her commendable acting skills, Humaima Malik never fails to amaze us. Throughout her brother’s wedding, she depicted an entirely different array, showering love over the newlyweds.

Foremost, she has uploaded a photo of this cutie, while she tries her gorgeous wedding dress, giving us some major goals.


Our favorite starlet has possessed the amount of excitement she holds in her heart via this post.


Three days back, the Bollywood sensation has uploaded few photos on her Instagram. She has been donned in her PJs, while Alizeh wears a flabbergasting outfit. 


What an adorable photo! Cute happens to be the new beautiful. Mashallah.


Humaima hasn’t hesitated to post her photo with the newest family member without any makeup. What a woman!


May this family carries the similar amount of love forever. We wish Alizeh Bhabi and her family a gorgeous, fun-filled life ahead.

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