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People, celebrities standing up for #JusticeForUzma

People, celebrities standing up for #JusticeForUzma

We have endured 144 martyrdoms of APS in the winters of 2014, most of whom were children. Then we have witnessed a young girl Khadija Siddiqui, being brutally stabbed 23 times in 2016. In January 2018, we have found the photo of a minor girl, Zainab Ansari, who was ferociously killed on a part of the very land we live in. The inhumanely spine-chilling shooting spree in Sahiwal is rather a recent incident, where the father was shot abundant times while his children, standing there, probably saw a weapon in reality for the first time. The sad part is, these are not the only instances, there are ample examples of how children and adolescents were affected for the rest of their lives.

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Perhaps a week back, video of a lady feeding a weaker girl went viral. The latter was Uzma, just 16 years of age, who was odiously murdered. Even a vulture does not feast on its food the way Uzma had been tormented in her age of adolescence. In the attainment of bread and butter for her family, she used to work in a household having literate human beings, or perhaps animals in the form of human beings.

According to the news reports, Uzma joined work eight months back where she was regularly subjected to loathsome beating and yelling by the very people she used to wash dishes for. Because of being kept hungry for a number of days, the starving girl tried to have a bite from the plate of one of the family members. As a repercussion, the girl was stricken with a metallic dish on her head multiple times, taking her into the forever sleep. Not only was she murdered gruesomely, but she was also then thrown into a sewer, only to be accused of theft by the people who had killed her in the first place.

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Although the women who had killed Uzma have been arrested, Pakistani celebrities and people are not only concerned, but they are also enraged, demanding exemplary punishment to the killers. A few of the users have questioned the culture of hiring minor boys and girls as housekeepers.


A few have shared anecdotes from their lives, about how their family members always undermined child labor. People like these help us restore our faith in humanity.


A lot of people have come forward and apologized to Uzma for being a part of such inhumane society which gave her death.


Not only people, but celebrities have also stood against Uzma’s murderers. The heartthrob, Imran Abbas has taken to Instagram to express grief on her demise, asking the government to “take exemplary action against the murderers.”


The prima donna, Ushna Shah also posts a set of photos delineating the deceased and her oppressors. She writes, ” We demand justice for this child!”


The dapper, Ali Kazmi finds this moment “unspeakable.” He urges people to do anything and everything to stop this act become a norm.


Uzma is not the only child to be victimized horrendously by her employers, abundant children still sleep on the footpaths of streets that have cars worth millions. As of the start of 2019’s February, a huge number of children is immersed in domestic work and street labor in an age where they should attain proper education with health, happiness and a better way of life. We hope Uzma is the last child in Pakistan to endure immense torture.

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