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Why is Kaisa Hai Naseeban the most watched Pakistani drama ever?

Why is Kaisa Hai Naseeban the most watched Pakistani drama ever?

Notwithstanding many dramas that cater strong messages to the spectators, Kaisa Hai Naseeban has just raised the bar of flamboyancy in the drama industry of Pakistan with its unprecedented storyline and a powerful narrative, officially becoming the most watched drama serial in the history of Pakistani media scene.


Ever since its start, it has depicted a potpourri of ordeal Marium had to go through. It also sends out a message for the parents who often overlook the boy and his family they are going to get their daughter married to after merely looking superficially. Moreover, if the boy is from their family, they do not even notice anything because the guy is apparently “raised” in front of them.


Similarly, just because Ahmed is the son of Jamal’s elder sister living in Malaysia, he could not resist saying yes to the proposal for his daughter. What she endures during her time in Malaysia is relatable to abundant people. We all know women who have gone through such misery because their parents did not properly research the grooms and their families.

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After the entire courtroom spree where the judge orders Ahmed to sign the divorce papers along with a fine and years in prison, he tries to run away to save his life but rather ends up injuring his spinal cord in an accident. The doctor suggests he will never be able to walk again. When Marium gets home, she cries telling her mother that he had an accident and she will never be able to forgive herself if anything bad happens to him. The ending of Kaisa Hai Naseeban has been designed with an ace to delineate the phrase ‘Whatever goes around comes around’.


The last episode of the show was more of a roller-coaster ride of emotions where Ahmed shows his true face to the families and even in the courtroom. Furthermore, it depicts Marium as an epitome of bravery and resilience. Despite consistent physical, emotional and mental abuse, she forgives Ahmed when she comes to know of his condition.

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In the last few minutes, Ahmed and his entire family go through the same agony they kept Marium in, for so long. However, with consistent struggle and hard work, Marium succeeds to garner a key position in the organization she was working for and we are uber happy for her long-overdue contentment.


Kudos to the makers of Kaisa Hai Naseeban and to all the spectators for displaying utmost love and praise for making it achieve such an unprecedented milestone.

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