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Mawra Hocane Celebrates 26th Birthday Amid Graceful Humans

Mawra Hocane Celebrates 26th Birthday Amid Graceful Humans

Whenever we hear the word bubbly, we think of a person. When we hear someone say that the person is beautiful and talented too, our brain reaffirms that the stunning, Mawra Hocane is hands down the one being talked about. Having started her career at a very early age, Mawra went on to become one of the most successful actresses Pakistan has ever produced.


Not only is Mawra beautiful from the outside, she also carries a kind soul. Albeit being a busy celebrity, she is always there for the people who are not actually heard. She is pretty vocal on the social injustices our country faces. Our favorite starlet is one of the first few celebrities to speak for Zainab, for Rohingya Muslims, for Palestinians and Kashmiris, among others.

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Notwithstanding that she’s always busy in shoots for various projects, Mawra has still managed to spend her birthday with some of the most amazing humans. The birthday girl posts a set of photos on her official Instagram account, celebrating her most precious day of the entire year with all these gorgeous mothers in an old-age home.


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She writes, “Blessed to start my B-Day with these amazing mothers at #BinteFatima this morning.. sooo many duas & so much Looove! Alhumdulillah.” She mentions the “talented and kind Haleema” and she feels that the place is engulfed with peace and innocence. She goes on to talk about something immensely pivotal for all her fans, “I hope & pray that no parents have to live to see their children abandon them. Please take care of your parents, be kind to them for we can never pay back for the love & affection & selflessness they raise us with!!!”

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Moreover, the prima donna goes on to tell her mother that she misses her and she hopes that “you’re always proud of me & I can always love you & take care of you like you’ve done for me for all these years! I am because you are.” The best part is when her mother commented with an abundance of love and kisses.

Mawra HocaneWe wish you a very happy birthday Mawra! More power to you!

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