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Hala and Hamza are not the only ones with a broken heart in Mere Hamsafar Ep 28

Hala and Hamza are not the only ones with a broken heart in Mere Hamsafar Ep 28

The heartfelt conversation between Hala and her grandmother adequately sums up these 28 episodes of Mere Hamsafar. An innocent minor girl, forced to live with people she hardly knew, with a lifestyle she had never dreamed of living.

Can the daughter whose father refused to keep her with him, live happily with strangers? These people abused the little child emotionally and mentally so much so that she went on to become the Hala we see today; confused, frightened, and insecure.

However, Hamza enters Hala’s life as a ray of light and a ray of hope, who, she thought, will take her away from the mean little world she lived in, to Utopia. They get married, fall in love and everything seems prettier in Hala’s life. But Shahjahan, who had other plans, makes sure to leave no stone unturned to get the lovebirds apart.

In a rather heartbreaking latest episode, Shahjahan takes Hala to Khurrum’s home, only to prove she had known him before Hamza. She calls Hamza and takes him upstairs where Hala and Khurrum were finally having a closure; a harmless and emotional closure.

Hamza, who not only saved Hala from his vicious family but also loved her unconditionally, the way she deserved, was shocked to see his perfect world implode, as he heard Hala naming their wedding as a mere accident. Albeit trying too much to control himself, he was crying helplessly, continuously, and uncontrollably.

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By the look of it, Shahjahan has finally succeeded to throw a spear right at the center of where the hearts of Halza met, getting them apart. She thinks she has become an unstoppable force, a force no one can meddle with, but then again, do you remember Hala talking about complaining to the One who controls literally everything?

How do you think will Mere Hamsafar unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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