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Naani is finally on Joya and Hamza's side in Prem Gali

Naani is finally on Joya and Hamza's side in Prem Gali

With millions of views on Youtube, ARY Digital’s newest visual delight, Prem Gali is being loved by the audiences in Pakistan and abroad for all the right reasons. Not only has this drama caused a paradigm shift, but it has also given colors and joy to the Pakistani drama scene.

The drama depicts a neighborhood entitled Prem Gali and a family of four women namely Rahat, Shireen, Musarrat, and Joya dominating the entire locality. A family of four men having Hamza, Hatim, Luqman, and Dada Jee arrives to reside in the neighborhood and things take a turn.

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The chemistry between Joya and Hamza grows and they both always want to be around each other. After a sad evening at her home, Joya is astonished the next day, when Hamza confesses his admiration for her in a rather adorable way, telling her they are destined to be with each other.

Due to a misunderstanding, Joya thinks Hamza is not a good person, but she soon comes to know of the truth about Hamza and his love. Watching all his efforts just to bring a smile to her face, Joya falls in love with him too.

In the meantime, Joya’s best friend Fari also gets married to a boy Hamza had brought to their house with her proposal. This gives Shireen a splendid idea for Joya’s wedding. She asks Hamza to look for someone suitable for Joya as well. He screams deep down in his heart, but he politely agrees to Shireen.

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Although he starts looking for a boy, he makes sure to never miss a single chance to have a glance at the love of his life. Likewise, while on his way home, he takes a shopper of eggs to drop at Shireen’s house, and in return, he meets Joya there. As soon as they express their love for each other, Joya’s grandmother sees them.

However, to their and our surprise, she wholeheartedly accepts them falling in love because she thinks Hamza is way better than anyone Shireen will choose for Joya. She plans to make sure no guy or his family leaves her house with a smile and Joya’s hand.

How do you think will Prem Gali unfold? Will Shireen accept Hamza as her son-in-law? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

The light-hearted romantic comedy, written by the exceptional Faiza Iftikhar, and helmed by the immensely talented Qasim Ali Mureed, features Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abro together for the first time. It delineates a love story wrapped with family, neighborhood, togetherness, values, and empathy.