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And Naintara lived happily ever after in Hassad

And Naintara lived happily ever after in Hassad

“Jealousy is certainly a poison you drink, expecting others to die of it,” says Zareen’s mother in the last episode, with teary eyes watching her only daughter living her worst days. Hassad has literally epitomized escalating cancer we call jealousy and enviousness.

From the happy go lucky days to Naintara’s days of predicament, Hassad has grabbed the attention of a huge populace; wider than that of any other drama for the year 2019 by staying in the list of top trending videos on Youtube every week.

The visual delight delves into the story of a person (Zareen) who is always insecure. She not only envies Naintara for having a lovey-dovey husband, but she also fights with her husband demanding his attention and time in spite of knowing he is working long hours for the sake of her better future only.

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Moreover, after the sad demise of Arman, she tries her best to get Naintara out of the house. Women in our country are the most vulnerable humans when it comes to character assassination and Zareen and her entire family uses this tactic to make sure Naintara’s relation with her mother in law and Farhan becomes cloudy.

However, the struggle to generate hatred in the hearts only ended up in bringing Naintara closer to not only her mother in law but also to Farhan, so much so that he agrees to marry her for the sake of a secure future. This turns the flames of hatred to the wildfire of revenge and Zareen leaves no stones unturned to tarnish Naintara’s respect in the eyes of other family members.

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Naintara spends most of the time trying to prove her innocence but she is constantly humiliated and victimized by Zareen and her family. Zareen’s mother and brother want her to be happy in her household and hence they help her in all the evil plans to make Naintara feel ashamed for the sins she never committed.

Similarly, in the last episode, Zareen and her brother conspire to end Naintara’s chapter once and for all by planning to throw acid on her face. Notwithstanding her mother’s disapproval, Zareen tries to throw acid on Naintara that subsequently kills her unborn child due to stress.

Karma would not have let her get away with such a grave sin. Therefore, in spite of doing her best to ruin Naintara’s life, she becomes mentally retarded and also gets canceled by her husband and mother-in-law who is also her maternal aunt.

Hassad does not only have an exceptional storyline, but it also touches upon one of the most harrowing issues of our society; jealousy. Every person has a different life and we should respect and appreciate that. Also, in order to spend a happy life, we need to count our blessings and ask whether we have done something so especial to be living with all the amenities and comforts that we have.

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