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In Pictures: Aisha Khan's Gorgeous Mehndi

In Pictures: Aisha Khan's Gorgeous Mehndi

Aisha Khan has been a tremendous actress throughout her career ever since her first feature in a drama in 2000. Having being raised in UAE and Canada, the starlet has not just enthralled in happy-go-lucky and bubbly characters, she has also performed negative roles with an absolute ace proving herself to be one of the uber-versatile actors.

We shared views on her official retirement from the fraternity and just a month later, the news of prima donna getting married divulged through her social media and ample people bestowed their sincere wishes for her happiness.

Aisha Khan just had her Mayun followed by the Mehndi festivities. She looked surreal in the traditional yellow outfit with a floral Teeka in her Mayun.


Following the Mayun, our ‘Meri Nanhi Pari’ girl has made it sure that she stands out in her Mehndi. The amount of decency oozing out of our Dulha Bhai is immeasurable. What a cutie!


Donned in a burgundy and gold traditional apparel, the protagonist looks completely astounding.



Just look at these lovebirds. If this is not ‘Made for each other’, I don’t know what this phrase actually means.



Khan is one of those thespians who has managed to maintain their class throughout their acting career. She looks super genteel, standing with this talented artist, Araimish Malik.


You might believe North Korea and South Korea becoming friends, but we are certain that you would not believe Saif’s absence in Kubra’s Mehndi. The onscreen couple of Kubra and Saif has been best friends for years.

Saif from Jawani Phir Nahi Ani aka Hamza Ali Abbasi has posed with his favorite actress and her favorite man at the Mehndi.


Abbasi depicting his A-game with other members of the Dulhan Squad. Everyone looks dapper.


What’s better than walking to the stage with your best friends? The dapper Hamza Ali Abbasi and Gohar Rasheed brought their bff to the venue. Adorbs!!


Woot woot! This couple will never stop to amaze us! Look at the cutest couple dance of the century! These gorgeous people showing their moves on ‘Despacito’.


Hands down! We are absolutely excited for the wedding. May she live happily ever after.

Tell us your views in the comments’ section below. Also, stay tuned for more from Aisha’s wedding.


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