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Shan-e-Ramzan Is Winning Copious Hearts For All The right Reasons!

Shan-e-Ramzan Is Winning Copious Hearts For All The right Reasons!

Shan-e-Ramzan on ARY Digital has garnered massive TRPs, squashing all the charts with absolute mastery. Albeit being aired on one of the most watched television channels, Shan-e-Ramzan has chosen to stay close to the humanity, in lieu of depicting glamour and superficial beautification in its Ramadan transmission. The inventor of Masoomana Sawalaat, Waseem Badami and the custodian of bravery and honesty, Iqrar Ul Hasan are playing a pivotal part in creating new boundaries through the Ramadan transmission with an absolute ace.

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Ramadan is a month of blessings, love, tolerance, and peace. The month is observed by Muslims all over the world to exhibit tolerance and have compassion in their hearts. All the good deeds in this month are multiplied by 70 therefore abundant Muslims opt to portray generosity throughout the month to garner as many blessings as they can and to carry a sense of empathy while helping their Muslim brothers and sisters.

Through Shan-e-Ramzan, Waseem Badami and Iqrar Ul Hasan are making sure that all the spectators are putting utmost efforts to help their needy brothers and sisters have a better way of living by calling them into the show and sending their stories to all people watching, across both horizons of the world.

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Ramadan is about food galore and extravagant Iftaar parties. When we sit on a table in order to break our fast, we notice at least five different dishes in front of us, ranging from appetizers to fried comestibles, to fruits and desserts along with surreal drinks to quench our thirst and rejuvenate ourselves. We perform prayers and go on with our daily chores thinking this is what life is, for everyone else in our surroundings.

As we sip the revitalizing fresh juice on a warm summer evening, there is someone breaking fast having her skin burnt to the flesh.

While we binge on scrumptious Iftaar buffet, there is someone, living in the same country, finding wheat waste in front of closed wheat shops in order to fill the stomach of 20 people residing at his home.

We prefer buying colorful dresses for Ramadan and Eid meanwhile in the parallel universe, there’s a blind man with a handicapped son and a widowed daughter who earns bread and butter for the family.

We often opt for great-looking shoes as a cherry on the top of exceptional outfits for Eid. A crawling girl in her teens might never be able to walk in the wake of a flawed back treatment.

As we spend thousands on mere Iftaar buffets, there’s a father of two, suffering from white blood cells’ deficiency, who needs to have mandatory injections every month for as much as 2000-3000 each, in order to survive.

While we are with our immediate and extended family members during the holy month of Ramadan, celebrating festivities, having Iftaar parties, there’s a woman from the Philippines who has not seen her family since years. She has just come to know about her father and brother’s death back at her home and she could not do anything about it.

Human beings have a tendency to be proud when they are praised for even the slightest thing they have performed. In the age where everyone needs appreciation, there’s an unsung legend who has spent a massive chunk of his life, making other people happy.


While we are out with our children or younger siblings for shopping, we make sure to make them happy by getting them balloons or toys from street vendors because it’s always the small things that matter. We usually don’t fathom the story these street vendors possess. In spite of harrowing economic conditions, most street vendors choose to do a white collar job.

This makes us worry that these people are also the fragments of our society but on the positive side, shows like these also play a vital role in the restoration of the faith in humanity.

We are certain that this must have made your eyes all teary. If it didn’t, nothing probably will.

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