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The world turns upside down for Mehar, Zarar & Zunaira in Amanat

The world turns upside down for Mehar, Zarar & Zunaira in Amanat

In just four episodes of Amanat, the world has turned upside down for Mehar, for Zarar, for Zunaira, for Junaid, and for almost everyone else. The show opens with Zarar and Zunaira preparing for their nuptials when suddenly the former flies to another city for work purposes.

While Zarar, Zunaira, and their families were prepping for the wedding, Mehar was asked to run away with her aunt’s nephew after a secret Nikkah, to escape her forced marriage with her mentally impaired cousin, Qaiser.

Mehar and her husband meet Zarar while he is on a work-related trip. Her husband goes out to get some necessary stuff but is shot dead as the result of a mobile snatching incident. Upon his prolonged absence, Zarar decides to take Mehar to Karachi.

Zarar’s family and Zunaira doubt Mehar’s abrupt presence in Zarar’s life but he deems all doubts merely a misunderstanding. In the third episode, when Zarar comes to know of Mehar’s husband’s demise, he tells her the truth and out of shock, she steps on shattered glasses, injuring herself.


While Zarar tries to take her to the doctor, his younger brother, Junaid records a video and sends it to Zunaira. Filled with anger, Zunaira rushes to the hospital and accuses Zarar and Mehar of having an affair. Then, at the wedding event, Mehar’s uncle comes as a guest and tries to take her back.

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Watching him trying to take her with him forcefully, Zarar tells him that he had married her and as her husband, he will not let anyone force her. Mehar’s uncle shoots her and goes away. Zarar instantly takes her to the hospital, leaving all other family members in shock.

However, just to elevate the shock, Junaid decides to take the moment to propose Zunaira and to everyone’s surprise, she agrees.

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