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Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 - The Best Movie Pakistan Ever Produced!

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 - The Best Movie Pakistan Ever Produced!

Films play a pivotal role in catering various agendas to the audience. A movie is one of the most influencing means to comprehend whatever is being depicted. The success of movies is determined by two factors; their box office business and reviews by the audiences and critiques and we see JPNA2 becoming the next big thing, for all the right reasons.

Both Eids have been true representatives of movie releases in Bollywood. We remember Salman Khan movies being released every Eid, garnering an abundance of fame and monetary gain. Likewise, the Eid-Ul-Azha of 2018 marks the release of a few A-list Pakistani movies, exhibiting a tough competition between them. A few first-rate movies are all set to release this Eid throughout Pakistan, but, only one to two seem to leave a mark on the hearts of the people who will spend Rs. 700-1000 on the movie tickets.

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We went to the premiere of JPNA2 and the reactions were phenomenal! A perfect juxtaposition of mirth and action made the second installment of the well-acclaimed Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, unarguably better than its prequel. People were laughing their hearts out during humorous scenes and they legit laid back in their seats whenever intense scenes came.

It is usually a troublesome job for the director to bring something more fascinating in a sequel, than its first part. But, the maestro, Nadeem Beyg has done it with complete mastery, getting the eyes of all the spectators hooked to the screen throughout the 3-hour long visual delight.

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Just like JPNA, the amalgam of Vasay Chaudhary’s flamboyant script and Nadeem Beyg’s impeccable direction makes the second part more exciting and definitely more appealing. The film starts off with Pervez (Ahmed Ali Butt) and Sheikh (Wasay Chaudhary) living with their wives, Lubna (Uzma Khan) and Gul (Sarwat Gillani) in the same city. The story unfolds with Lubna’s brother, Rahat(Fahad Mustafa) falling in love with Zoe (Mawra Hocane,)the daughter of a renown fashion designer Balani (Sohail Ahmed).

Albeit being in no contact with Sherry(Humayun Saeed) for years, Pervez and Sheikh find him in a mental asylum for attempting suicide numerous times. They end up taking his custody which kicks off another spree of challenges for them.

Beside the super-awesome direction and script, the movie exhibits just the right amount of humor which is catered by the immensely talented protagonists of the movie. Ahmed Ali Butt arguably happens to be the soul of this movie, with his adroit dialogue delivery and outstanding body language throughout JPNA2. In spite of being the writer of JPNA2, Vasay Chaudhary has maintained his wit from the first scene to his last scene with an absolute ace. Sarwat Gillani has been an absolute cutie, showering her super-funny phrases at apt times.

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Humayun Saeed has proved to be the most experienced actor of the entire movie with his consistent class, super awesome dance moves and unrivaled dialogues. He and his love interest Kubra Khan, have complemented each other in so many ways. From the songs to romance and emotional scenes, seems like both the actors have taken their A-game to the sets. Albeit being new to the cinema, Kubra has managed to act all natural in every scene of both Turkey and Dubai shooting spells.

Despite being a new edition to the cast, Fahad Mustafa has played his part very responsibly and avoided unnecessary attention. From his suave looks to his sharp suits and an exquisite personality, Fahad has accumulated just the right amount of limelight with his stellar performance in the movie. His on-screen fiancé, Mawra, looks surreal with her grand array, carrying a cute pup and driving exotic cars. The chemistry between these two gives us legit couple goals.

The portrayal of Indo-Pak love affair in JPNA2 is an essential fragment of the movie, keeping it simple and fast-paced with an inclusion of real Bollywood actors in the flick. The entire story of the movie has traveled like a bullet train with no unnecessary shots or drag. One of the best things about JPNA2 is its unpredictability. The movie offers ambiguity, making it a three-hour-long, immensely entertaining piece of unprecedented art.

Apart from the subtle storyline, legendary actors and amazing dialogues, JPNA2 also comprises some of the most ravishing surprises you will ever witness! The movie is hitting all the cinemas across Pakistan tomorrow, so promptly book your tickets before it’s late.

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