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Reminiscing On ARY Digital’s Stellar Content For 2020

Reminiscing On ARY Digital’s Stellar Content For 2020

Finally, the year 2020 is ending, but it will surely be remembered for abundant reasons; mostly the sad ones but also for some great ones, for example, it has brought us sheer entertainment amid despair and sorrow engulfing the world. Even in a time of crisis, the flow of exceptional entertainment is handled well by ARY Digital and we can literally witness this by viewing the charts of the entire year or any other year, for that matter.

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ARY Digital has been giving us one after other major hits with dramas that portray pristine storyline along with impactful dialogues and flamboyant fragments in the ensemble cast. Its YouTube channel has recently garnered as many as almost 18 million subscribers making it the biggest YouTube channel in the entire country.

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Let us take you on a trip down the memory lane to rejoice the content ARY digital has produced over the year.

The year started with a bang with Big Bang Entertainment’s Ishqiya that caught the eye of the audience from the start. A story of high school lovebirds, who could not be together, but still see each other every day with agony and revenge.

2020 also started with iDream Entertainment’s Jhooti, which portrayed how you can toxify your child’s mind by fulfilling every wish and taking their unnecessary side, to a point where they start manipulating others for everything they want.

Next Level Entertainment and Six Sigma Plus Production partnered to produce Mera Dil Mera Dushman; a story of a boy and a girl in love, who could not be together. However, in a turn of events, they start living under the same roof but having a different relationship with each other. Mera Dil Mera Dushman also sheds light on how families are mean to the girls in their house that they even get them married to men double their age for money.

Sure, the second quarter of 2020 brought the pandemic to Pakistan, but, it also brought Bikhray Moti, a drama with such a strong message in it. It sheds light on how drug addiction can ruin the entire family. It also revolves around how responsibility and commitment overshadow any other thing, even love.

Certainly, watching Tooba Siddiqui and Mohib Mirza after a while on television was no less than a treat in Dushman e Jaan. The drama was about the transition of an arrogant and apathetic boy into an empathetic and kind person.

In the middle of 2020, Jalan started, which went on to become arguably the most-watched drama of the entire year. It is mainly because of such a gripping storyline and exceptional performance by every fragment of the ensemble cast. The drama was about Nisha and her stubbornness to get everything she thinks of, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem, which also led to her downfall.

By the end of July, Log Kya Kahenge appeared, a drama with an intriguing storyline. It revolves around how hard it is, for a single mother, to survive in this patriarchal society.

Another extensively watched drama, Nand started in August. It has a chart shattering viewership because people can relate to its story, as it is the story of tentatively every household.

Ghisi Piti Mohabbat also started in August. It challenged the mainstream approach of love, relationships, and breakups. Witty dialogues, relatable scenes, and exceptional performances contributed in the success of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat.

Having started in the middle of August, the poetic juxtaposition of romance and fights called Prem Gali talks about love, family, neighborhood, and values.

Bharaas came in September. It is the story of a couple Zoya and Hassan who love each other and get married, but their envious cousins destroy their marriage out of selfishness.

Faryaad is the story of Mahnoor and Haroon who are in love with each other but their intimacy fails to get materialized into marriage because life is not always as one dreams it to be.

The year is ending and as a gift, ARY Digital has brought Aulaad for its loyal consumers. Aulaad is a heartwrenching truth of how parents struggle to raise their kids and how they end up being alone, surrounded by miseries once their children grow up.

Lastly, Dunk is released, just before the year comes to an end and it revolves around a very serious issue. It sheds light on the harassment in educational institutions. It also talks about how the victim feels and what if the allegation is false.

Of all the dramas that had aired in 2020, which one intrigued you the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.